Rin has brought Haru to Australia, making him uncomfortable at his new environment. When Rin leaves his side to buy some drinks, without informing Haru, he panics. Rin apologies to Haru for his outburst previously and states that he has always admired him. The reason Rin brought Haru to Australia is because there is something that he wants to show Haru, but it would have to wait till tomorrow.

They travel to their next destination, which turns out to be the beach. Surprisingly, Haru is not eager to swim in the ocean. Rin tells Haru that t he is surprised that he actually agreed to travel to Australia and correctly guessed that Haru fought with Makoto. Rin reassures him, sharing that he and Sosuke fight all the time too, but Haru reveals that this is his first fight.

Rin recounts how he felt when he first came to Australia, feeling anxious at being in a foreign country. However, looking at the ocean calms him down because Rin felt that it connected him to his friends. He tells Haru about his time in Australia, about the difficulties he faced in both his school and swimming practises. The more he swam, the more Rin noticed the difference in strength between him and the other swimmers.

Next, they visit Rin’s homestay parents, Russell and Lori, and Rin introduces them to Haru. They sit down to dinner. Russell and Lori are already well acquainted with Haru, having heard all about him during Rin’s time with them in the past. They are glad that Rin is doing well and Russell reveals that they knew Rin had a depression phase, surprising Rin.

They went a hotel afterwards, retreating for the night, only to find out that they have been assigned a double bed. This annoyed Rin, who tried to get a different room but was unsuccessful. While preparing to sleep, Rin brings up their first meeting, explaining that it is hard when Haru is not in front of him, showing him the way. Without Haru, he has nothing to aim for. Rin then talks about the race where they tied and set a new tournament record together, saying that he was testing Haru. It was also then that Rin knew Haru was going to enter competitive swimming with him, asking Haru if he felt something too during that race. However, Haru remains silent while clenching his fist.

The next morning, they set off for their next destination, which is the Aquatic Centre, a stadium for international swimming competitions. Rin brings Haru over to the pool where the best swimmers from all over the world gather and race each other , which is also what Rin wanted to show Haru from the beginning. Wanting to swim, Rin lends Haru a swimsuit since he did not bring his. Rin spots the National Team, who uses the pool for practise. When Haru questions if it is fine for them to swim there, Rin says that there is another recreational pool and asks Haru what he wants to do.

Haru walks forward and stands on the diving board, taking in the sight before him. Beside him, a member of the team uses the lane. Haru envisions the stands filled with spectators, and thinks to himself that he wants to swim. He is in a race with other swimmers. Leaping, his shadow has become that of a bird, spreading its wings. Rin calls Haru out of his thoughts and say that they should swim too.

Afterwards, Rin tells Haru that his previous coach in Australia wrote to him, asking if he would consider swimming in Australia again. He reveals that he is going to see him before heading back to Japan so that he can formally ask his coach to join his team. Determined, Haru announced that he has found it too.

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