Ayumu Kunikida
Kunikida Dive to the Future
Kanji 国木田 歩
Rōmaji Kunikida Ayumu
Also known as Ayumu-chan (Nagisa)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation 1st year High School Student
Affiliation Iwatobi BadgeIwatobi High School
Function Manager
Personal Status
Anime Episode 26
Voice Actors
Japanese Ryō Hirohashi
English Apphia Yu

Ayumu Kunikida (国木田 歩 Kunikida Ayumu) is a minor character in Free!’s third season Free! Dive to the Future. She is a manager at Iwatobi High School’s swim club.


Ayumu has a small stature and appears to have short navy blue hair that curls outwards. She has olive-brown eyes and is seen wearing a yellow shirt underneath the swim club’s jersey.


She seems to be a quiet girl and soft-spoken but is rather blunt; honest in her statements. She doesn’t like muscles much but rather prefers someone with a little fat on them, much to Gou’s horror.




  • She enjoys curry and likes cooking.
  • Her name may be a reference to Japanese writer Doppo Kunikida (国木田独歩)
  • She prefers someone with a little more fat[1]

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