Forbidden All Hard! (OVA)
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Episode Information
Kanji 禁断のオールハード!
Rōmaji Kindan no Ōru Hādo!
Air Date March 28, 2015
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Music Information
Opening Dried Up Youthful Fame
The Eternal Summer of Beginnings! - →

Forbidden All Hard! (禁断のオールハード! Kindan no Ōru Hādo!) is the original video animation that came with the Free! Eternal Summer DVD, the episode originally aired on March 18 2015.

Synopsis Edit

The Iwatobi swim club members attend the Samezuka annual cultural festival. Upon arriving Haru bumps into a pretty young maid who turns out to be Nitori who explains to the club that the Samezuka swim club traditionally runs the maid cafe from hell. When greeted at the cafe the club runs into Momo, Rin shortly shows up informing Haru and the others that he, Momo, Nitori and Sosuke are going to go on break so they can wander the festival with them.

Later, the group eventually comes across a stall advertising a water fight competition, which catches Haru's attention for multiple reasons (some of the kanji used on the sign could also be read as mackerel). The group splits into two teams: Red and Blue. Team Red consists of Rin, Makoto, Nitori & Rei, while Team Blue contains Haru, Sosuke, Nagisa & Momo.

The ensuing water fight takes many dramatic turns with several shock confrontations, traps, and a few unfortunate encounters for Kisumi. Ultimately the fight boils down to a showdown at sunset between Rin and Haru which results in a win for Team Red thanks to Haru's immense love of water. Following the fight the group gathers around the bonfires at the festivals conclusion where they all dry off and have an animated and long discussion, including the prospect of the Samezuka team attending the Iwatobi cultural festival in the future.

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