Free! Vol.2
Blu-ray | DVD
Free! Vol.2 Blu-ray
Product Information
Publisher Kyoto Animation
Iwatobi High School Swimming Club
Seller Pony Canyon
Release Date October 9, 2013
Price ¥ 7140 (Blu-ray)
¥ 6090 (DVD)
Content Information
Episodes 3, 4
Run Time 48 minutes
Free! Vol.1 Free! Vol.3

Free! Vol.2 is the second Free! anime series on Blu-ray and DVD. It was released on October 9, 2013.


Free! Vol.2 Blu-ray
Free! Vol.2 DVD
Free! Vol.2 Content

First Press ContentEdit

  • Special "Splash" Sleeve Packaging
  • "Changing Jacket"
    (sideA: Nagisa & Rei/sideB: Rin)
  • 「SPECIAL BOOK Free! Vol.2」featuring Haruka Nanase
  • End Pictures Postcards
    (Episode 3 & Episode 4)

※As soon as the first press is sold, only the version with regular content will be available.

Regular ContentEdit


No. Title Air Date Image


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