Ikuya Kirishima
Ikuya Dive to the Future
Kanji 桐嶋 郁弥
Rōmaji Kirishima Ikuya
Gender Male
Sign Pisces
Birthday March 3rd
Age 12-13 (High☆Speed! Vol. 2)

17-18 (Free!-Take your marks-)

Height 143 cm (4'8") (High☆Speed!)
173 cm (5'8") (Free!-Take your marks-)
176 cm (5'9") (Dive to the Future)
Professional Status
Affiliation Iwatobi Junior High School (former)
Iwatobi Swimming Club (former)

Bandou SC (former)
Shionezaki High School (former)

Swim Style Breaststroke

Individual medley

Events 4x100m medley relay

400 Individual medley

Personal Status
Relatives Natsuya Kirishima (older brother)


Anime High☆Speed!-Free! Starting Days-
Light Novel Volume 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Kouki Uchiyama
Shiho Kokido (child)
English Lee George
Dani Chambers (child)

Ikuya Kirishima (桐嶋 郁弥 Kirishima Ikuya) is one of the main characters in the movie High☆Speed!-Free! Starting Days- and Free!'s third season, Free!-Dive to the Future-.[1] He was also a minor character in the light novel High☆Speed!. He is the younger brother of the Iwatobi Junior High swimming club's captain, Natsuya Kirishima. He is currently studying at Shimogami University, where he is on the swim team, alongside his friend from high school, Hiyori.


Ikuya is a cool dude with teal hair, brown eyes and long black eyelashes. He and his brother do not look particularly alike, but have the same eye color.

As of Free!-Dive to the Future-, Ikuya's hair seems to be slightly darker and shorter and he is shown to be quite buff. He currently wears knee-length, black swimmers with subtle brown and gray designs.


In the beginning, Ikuya was a bit of an angsty jerk to everyone, all the time. He spent a good portion of his time crying about everything that happened to him. He gradually started to warm up to his friends (and his brother who he despised for some odd reason), though he still retains the quiet part of his personality.


At first he was reluctant about joining the swimming club, thinking of it as just "playing around" and not taking things seriously. After joining he's able to change thanks to his team, leaving his past behind. He is a childhood friend of Nii Satomi (only appears in the light novel).


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Creation and Conception Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His motif animal is a beluga.[2]
  • He shares the same voice actor as Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!! on Ice.
  • His favourite foods are fried shrimp, sweet tamagoyaki and pistachio cream.


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