Kazuki Minami
Kanji 美波一輝
Rōmaji Minami Kazuki
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Samezuka Academy
Personal Status
Anime Episode 16
Light Novel N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese Masayoshi Sugawara
English Micah Solusod

Kazuki Minami (美波一輝 Minami Kazuki, incorrectly known as Kazuteru, the alternative reading of his name) is a member of Samezuka Academy's Swim Team.


Minami 2

Kazuki is a relatively tall young man, appearing to be taller than Nitori and Momotaro, though slightly shorter than Rin, placing him at about Haru's height, 5'9". His brown, floppy hair reaches the top of his neck, and his eyes are shaded purple.


He may seem laid back, but he is known to have energy like his team mate Momotaro, though not so excessively.



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