Kenichi Suzumura
Kenichi Suzumura Profile
Kanji 鈴村 健一
Rōmaji Suzumura Kenichi
Also known as Suzu, Muraken (by Soichiro Hoshi and fans)
Suzuken (by other voice actors)
Gender Male
Birthday September 12, 1974
Age 42
Professional Status
Occupation Voice actor, singer
Affiliation Arts Vision Intention
Role(s) Momotaro Mikoshiba

Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村 健一 Suzumura Ken'ichi) is a Japanese voice actor and singer who was raised in Osaka Prefecture. Suzumura is affiliated with Arts Vision Intention and is married to fellow voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto.

He voices Momotaro Mikoshiba in the Free! Eternal Summer series.


Clear Blue Notes
Released on October 8, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. Clear Blue Departure (with Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Sosuke, Aiichiro and Rin) Kodama Saori Tatsuya Kato Tatsuya Kato
Released on October 15, 2014
# Title Lyrics Song Arrangement
1. MOMO'S BEAT Kodama Saori Miki Watabe Miki Watabe
2. MIRACLE MAKER Kodama Saori Tatsuya Kurauchi Tatsuya Kurauchi

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