Kisumi Shigino
Kisumi Shigino anime
Kanji 鴫野貴澄
Rōmaji Shigino Kisumi
Gender Male
Sign Gemini
Birthday May 26th
Age 12-13 (High☆Speed! 2)
17-18 (Free! Eternal Summer)
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Iwatobi Junior High School (former)
Iwatobi Junior High School's Basketball Club (former)
Personal Status
Relatives Hayato Shigino (younger brother)
Anime Episode 20
Light Novel Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Chihiro Suzuki
Rina Satō (child)
English Eric Vale
Tia Ballard (child)

Kisumi Shigino (鴫野貴澄 Shigino Kisumi) is one of the supporting characters of the second season of the anime series Free! and the second volume of the light novel High☆Speed!.


Kisumi is a tall, young man with wavy, messy, salmon pink hair that goes down between his purple eyes. His usual school uniform consists of black trousers, a white shirt and a red necktie with yellow stripes.


Kisumi is said to be a refreshing boy who's overly friendly around others. He's talkative and, even though it seems like he doesn't want to, he sometimes insults others without knowing, like he once told Haru he was miserable after Rin left, which made Haru feel irritated. He's a responsible older brother who deeply cares for Hayato and blames himself for his fear of swimming.


Kisumi was the part of the basketball club back at Iwatobi Junior High School. He was very popular among females.


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  • People often make jokes out of his name because it sounds like English "kiss me".[1][2]
  • Haru doesn't particularly like Kisumi for the reason being that during middle school, Makoto started hanging out with him too making him jealous.


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