Maybe someday
Clear Blue Notes
Song Information
Lyrics JUN
Single Information
Publisher Lantis
Seller Bandai Visual
Release Date October 8, 2014
Album Free! Eternal Summer Original Soundtrack Clear Blue Notes

Maybe someday is the nineteenth track of the first disc of Clear Blue Notes, the original soundtrack of the Free! Eternal Summer anime. The soundtrack was released on October 8, 2014.[1][2]



aight, I guess I'm feeling uptight
having trouble in my mind thinking what's right
but there's nothing I could do
nothing I could do, I don't have a clue
Looking for answers, I walk around
give me some answers, I ask around
try not to stop maybe someday I find
maybe someday maybe someday

Don't worry, things will get better
sunshine comes after a bad weather
hang on, your in the right track
believe in yourself try not to look back
never let the negativity hold you
follow your instincts, what you're told
you aren't that weak as you seem to
maybe someday maybe someday

Life, can be struggling at times
but though, lovely at the same time
going up going down, enjoy what's coming ahead
cuz that what makes you beautiful
be true to who you are
soon some day you a star
catch the world let it come to ya
maybe someday maybe someday[2]


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