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Memories in the Distance!
Free! Episode 2
Episode Information
Kanji 追憶のディスタンス!
Rōmaji Tsuioku no Disutansu!
Air Date July 10, 2013
Staff Information
Director Eisaku Kawanami
Rika Ōta
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Eisaku Kawanami
Animation Director Kayo Hikiyama
Music Information
Opening Rage on
Episode 1 Episode 3

Memories in the Distance! (追憶のディスタンス! Tsuioku no Disutansu!) is the second episode of the Free! anime series. It aired on July 10, 2013.


Makoto and Nagisa continue to watch the race between Rin and Haruka with bated breath, finding the change of their ex classmate uncomfortable. Knowing that Rin had changed drastically, Nagisa, with the help of Rin's sister, Gou, Miho Amakata, Haruka and Makoto, decides to start a swim club.[1]


List of characters in order of appearance:



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