• (Reading students' names out loud) "Mr Nanase Haruka!" (”七瀬 遙さん!” ”Nanase Haruka-san!”)[1]
  • (To Haruka) "I'm Amakata Miho, your new homeroom teacher. Nice to meet you!" (”新しくこのクラスおけりがつくたりなった、天方 美帆です。よろしく!” ”Atarashiku kono kurasu o keri ga tsuku tari natta, Amakata Miho desu. Yoroshiku!”)[1]
  • (To the teacher) "Think back to what Li Bai once said. In human life, accomplishment must bring total joy. Do not allow an empty goblet to face the moon. You only have one life, so you should do what you want. It would be foolish not to drink from the glass placed before you. Right?"[1]
  • (Trying to help Makoto, Haruka and Nagisa) "There's a famous saying that applies to this situation. In Ancient China during the Shang Dynasty, Duke Tai of Qi would fish without any bait... (...) Excuse me." (”先生 その 辺で!ほら、後なめげ目 あります:古代中国、周の時代の軍師、太公望が金魚鉢をひっくり返して…(...) しちゅれいしました…” ”Sensei sono hen de! Hora,-gona mege-me arimasu: Kodaichūgoku, Shū no jidai no gunshi, taikōbō ga kingyobachi o hikkurikaeshite… ( ... ) Shi chi ~yureishimashita…”)[2]
  • (To Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Gou) "That's not happening. The school isn't going to give that much money to a brand-new club with no accomplishments. There is an aphorism from the Bible. Who does not work neither shall he eat."[3]
  • (To Nagisa) "Do you realize what you're saying? The UV rays this time of year are brutal. You're still young, so it's not an issue." (”何言ってるの? この季節 の 紫外線 の 呂 すごい の よ!あなた達 わ 若い から いい でしょう、けど。” ”Nani i~tsu teru no? Kono kisetsu no shigaisen no ryo sugoi no yo! Anata-tachi wa wakaikara īdeshou,kedo.”)[2]
  • (To Nagisa and Makoto) "Excuse me... (...) I swore to myself that I'd never put on a swimsuit again!" (”あ~な~た~た~ち~!もう絶対に水着にはならないって決めてるんだから!いい?” ”A~na~ta~ta~chi~! Mō zettai ni mizugi ni wa naranai tte kime teru ndakara! Ī?”)[2]
  • (To Iwatobi boys)"The most important thing is to never give up. There's a quote by Napoleon. Five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat!"[4]


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