Relationships Edit

Aiichiro Nitori

Momo and nitori

Momotaro switching dorms with Rin

Nitori is seen to find Momotaro as hard to handle as he is always seen slightly tired and or irritated around him. Just as Nitori called Rin senpai Momotaro begins calling Nitori senpai, which Nitori gets flustered and slightly agitated as the season progresses. Nitori does seem to care about Momotaro as he gives him a pep talk before their race the following day, telling him how they need to make it to regionals because he will defiantly swim in that one. Nitori believes that Momotaro is asleep when giving him this pep talk , but as soon as he begins to lower from the ladder of the top bunk Momotaro opens his eyes with a sense of determination.

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Nitori encouraging Momotaro to try his best

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