Ms. Tamura
Mrs Tamura
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sachiko Chijimatsu
English Kristin Sutton

Ms. Tamura (田村さん Tamura-san) is one of the minor characters of the anime series Free!. She is one of Tachibana family's neighbours.


Ms. Tamura is an old, short lady with gray hair tied up in a bun and small eyes. In her debut, she's seen wearing a blue kimono, probably a green haori that can't be seen properly because of her long-sleeved apron, green socks and straw zōri.[1]

With that outfit, she gives an impression of an older traditional Japanese woman.[1]


Ms. Tamura seems to be a very nice, old woman who cares about others, which can be seen with her gesture of giving Makoto food before going to school.[1] She has a calm voice and gives an impression of an older traditional Japanese woman.


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She became a woman who can do some jobs that she like to do.

But maybe she like to share her own thoughts about what this story is about in her life.

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