Reunion at the Starting Block!
Free! Episode 1
Episode Information
Kanji 再会のスターティングブロック!
Rōmaji Saikai no Sutātingu Burokku!
Air Date July 3, 2013
Staff Information
Director Hiroko Utsumi
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Director Futoshi Nishiya
Music Information
Opening Rage on
← N/A Episode 2

Reunion at the Starting Block! (再会のスターティングブロック! Saikai no Sutātingu Burokku!) is the first episode of season one of the Free! anime. It aired on July 3, 2013.


Haruka and Makoto had spent their school life idly until Nagisa from their junior swimming club appeared. They decide to try to dig a time capsule that was buried in the backyard of the club that had collapsed, but at the end, they reunited with a friend who had gone to study abroad. [1]


List of characters in order of appearance:


  • A preview of the episode was aired in an official event in Marunouchi Piccadilly 3, Tokyo on June 26, 2013.
  • Prior to Free!'s English dub release by Crunchyroll the episode was called 'Starting Block of Reunions!' in English



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