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Revenge in the Medley!
Free! Episode 8
Episode Information
Kanji 逆襲のメドレー!
Rōmaji Gyakushū no Medorē!
Air Date August 28, 2013
Staff Information
Director Yasuhiro Takemoto
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Yasuhiro Takemoto
Animation Director Chiseko Ueno
Music Information
Opening Rage on
Episode 7 Episode 9

Revenge in the Medley! (逆襲のメドレー! Gyakushū no Medorē!) is the eighth episode of the Free! anime series. It aired on August 28, 2013.


Far from where Haruka is, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei all swim in their swimming events. Gou later reveals to them that she signed them up for the medley relay on the second day of the tournament. Like that, the medley relay finally begins.[1]


List of characters in order of appearance:



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