Stroke of Chance Encounter!
Episode 14 223
Episode Information
Kanji 邂逅のストローク!
Rōmaji Kaigō no sutorōku!
Air Date July 9, 2014
Staff Information
Director Fujita
Script Masahiro Yokotani
Storyboard Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Director Nobuaki Maruki
Music Information
Opening Dried Up Youthful Fame
Episode 13 Episode 15

Stroke of Chance Encounter! (邂逅のストローク! Kaigō no sutorōku!) is the second episode of season two of the Free! anime, and the fourteenth episode of the overall series. It aired on July 9, 2014.


Rin reminisces with Sosuke, his classmate prior to him transferring to Iwatobi Town during elementary school. Sosuke has decided to spend his last year of high school in his hometown before swimming professionally since he got scouted.

Meanwhile, Goro plans to put on a swimming festival for the Iwatobi Swimming Club for children, asking Haruka and the others to spread word and come up with a main event, with Haruka suggesting a relay event. With Rin asked to assemble a team of his own to swim against them, Sosuke asks to join on the condition that he swims in the freestyle leg.

On the day of the event, one of Rin's team members is forced to drop out, but by chance, they manage to find their former team captain's brother, Momotaro Mikoshiba, to fill in for him. Prior to the relay, Sosuke confronts Haruka, telling him not to get in Rin's way. As the relay gets underway, both teams show strong form with Haruka's team narrowly managing to win. Afterwards, Rin invites Momotaro to join his swim club whilst Haruka becomes cautious of Sosuke's attitude towards him.


List of characters in order of appearance:



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