Vol.1 Haruka Nanase & Makoto Tachibana
Free! Duet CD 001
Song Information
Artist Haruka Nanase (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
Makoto Tachibana (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki)
Single Information
Publisher Lantis
Seller Bandai Visual
Release Date December 18, 2013
Album Character Song Duet Series 001
Tracks 5
Price ¥1300

Vol.1 Haruka Nanase & Makoto Tachibana (Vol.1 七瀬 遙 & 橘 真琴) is the first character song duet series CD of the Free! anime. It is performed by Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana's seiyūs, Nobunaga Shimazaki and Tatsuhisa Suzuki. The CD was released on December 18, 2013.


  1. Always Here
  2. my base, your pace
  3. Original Drama ~Haruka & Makoto~
  4. Always Here (Off Vocal)
  5. my base, your pace (Off Vocal)




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